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A wonderfully immersive project that first began as a healing process between sisters during a period of extensive hospital treatment, CARRON has evolved to become one of the most exciting bands in recent years.


After winning over fans and critics alike, they’re poised to become one of the most enchanting bands of the year, and it’s all thanks to their upcoming single, ‘Lights Up’, produced by Richey McCourt, which is set to be released on July 29th

“I wanted to create a musical landscape for Carron that honoured the mysticism & spirituality of the song – but bathed it in a more pop-focused contemporary sheen. For me, the best production simply allows the song to shine, and I think what we’ve done here is put the song, and the lustrous vocals front & centre. Méabh and Mella have this very unique, sororal vocal partnership, so it was important for me to build the track with that at it’s epicentre.” - Producer, Richey McCourt


After releasing their debut EP to critical acclaim, sisters Méabh and Mella Carron have continued to impress, delivering a stream of gorgeous singles and playing sold-out shows all across their native Ireland.


In true form, Méabh and Mella grew up performing in musical theatre shows in Ireland, and they harness this dramatic energy when they perform together with guitarist, violinist and co-writer Darragh McGrath. The latest release from the talented trio, ‘Lights Up’ marks their first new music of the year, and it’s absolutely stunning.


Inspired by artists like Lyra and Florence & The Machine, the new single finds the trio in a romantic mood, capturing the magical sensation of finding the perfect person, and losing yourself in the feeling of safety and security. Musically, it’s a piece that flows effortlessly, creating an instantly alluring sound through seamless harmonies, spacious arrangements, and a building central melody that is serene, but also wonderfully triumphant.


Cloaked in a gentle pop sheen that heightens the orchestral nature of the track, ‘Lights Up’ is a wonderful example of CARRON’s sound, offering ethereal vocals and heartfelt, poetic lyrics that will speak straight to your heart and soul. Interestingly, the single arrives as the first love song from the band, proving that they’re continuing to explore new territories, while staying true to their aim of using music as a vehicle for therapy, celebration and healing.


Set for release on Friday, the 29th of July, ‘Lights Up’ is a gorgeous single that will charm, entertain, and impress.


For more from CARRON, be sure to head to their website and social media pages below or contact them directly for bookings and enquiries at

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