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CARRON are two sisters Méabh & Mella Carron who write songs about life. In their performance & songwriting they aim to create a sense of one united female voice through unison verse, amplified by the strength of their sibling bond, to blend impeccable harmonies through shared blood, to subtly nod toward their Irish heritage & backgrounds in musical theatre whilst maintaining a contemporary and powerful sound.


CARRON's latest single ‘Numb’ presents full bodied blood harmonies, layers of canon interplay, and unsettling rhythm patterns to chill the bone. With this latest studio offering CARRON dismiss conventional song formation in order to portray a place of sadness, unfamiliar and incomprehensible, as they attempt to find some sense in this consciousness inescapable to the human existence.

“Super-polished vocals recall Stevie Nicks and The Corrs” 
– Donal Lynch, Sunday Independent


“Their soulful, organic-sounding harmonies and lyrically intense melodies have been brewing since birth” 
– James Hendicott, Dublin Gazette


“Expressive vocals and spectacularly smooth ethereal instrumentation embeds itself deep in the mind and refuses to withdraw” 
– Dave Simpson, PureM


“Fusing the classic folk rock sensibilities of Fleetwood Mac with the towering tribal aura of Florence Welch” 

“CARRON have tread an assertive path from modern atmospheric folk (track 'Prison Robes' being a good example) to grander contemporary pop sounds.” 
– Remy, The Best of Music & Film Blog